Automated Software Quality Control Application

Our Assurance Services team specializes in comprehensive, enterprise-wide testing solutions, utilizing a proven blend of custom and off-the-shelf commercial tools. Utilizing metrics-driven QA and best practice methodologies, GalaxE Assurance Services is both internal/external client facing with the primary objective of ensuring quality in all deliverables. The QA practice is supported by well-rounded teams of Subject Matter Experts who work with project teams in ensuring timely and successful delivery of the work product.


Or more time/effort savings for clients


At least two additional cycles in lesser time/faster QA completion


Requirements functional and regression coverage

Globally Implemented at Fortune 20 Organizations and Higher

Product and Managed Services for
  • Automation to determine test cases and generate test scenarios
  • Automation for test data generation
  • Automation to build traeability to test conditions and test data
  • Offshore and onshore team provide a managed service at attractive rates
  • Always maintaining high standards of quality in all deliverables – documentation, accurate reports, test cases, and trace matrices
  • Ensure high (near 100%) requirements and code coverage
  • Develop data driven test scripts
  • Start early in the project lifecycle – build test scenarios from use cases following V model
  • Deliver excellence!
  • Testing process
  • Testable requirements
  • Test strategy and test plan
  • Coordinated release planning
  • Test data
  • Resource plan
  • Automation scripts
  • Leverage reusable automation framework
  • Develop configurable scripts for easy maintenance
  • Provision tools driven test evidence capture
  • Build and leverage regression suite repository
  • Coordinated execution of test plan and test strategy
  • Provide real-time reporting of test execution status
  • Quality work product
  • Test suite with traceability matrix
  • Regression suite for future releases/enhancements
  • Metrics driven test execution report with traceable evidence
  • Defect analysis report with RCA