Application Dependency Mapping Software

Change is constant. In order to quickly identify and assess the impact of programming changes on people, processes, and systems throughout an organization, we have developed an automated dependency mapping tool to assist our clients in conducting a thorough analysis. GxMaps™ is intended to find and analyze the impact of changes in a particular code repository, which includes documents in different programming languages that reside in a separate code environment. This tool can be used for both reverse and forward engineering purposes in multiple programming languages.


End-to-end audit ready traceability

<2 Days

Upfront and accurate estimation


Reduction in production errors

Globally Implemented at Fortune 20 Organizations

Product and Managed Services for
  • Automated parsing and building of dependency maps in a database
  • Automated impact report generation for each of SDLC e.g. requirements, code, and QA
  • Integration with tools such as McCabe to generate test cases and provide objective data on code coverage
  • Provides different views for business analysists, dev team. and QA
  • Provides impact in terms of areas such as Medicare and Medicaid
  • Service invocation dependency
  • Consumer application
  • Midrange enterprise services
  • Backend enterprise services
  • Automated analysis of claim outcomes
  • Direct drill down to root cause claim components
  • Traceability to plan configuration and plan requirements
  • Organize, tag, and track claims by deficit ID
  • Pricing threshold settings limit false positives
  • Pricing comparison/analysis
  • GxCare™ integration
  • Typically a 4-8 week process depending on complexity of claim and benefit data sources
  • Alignment of claim history format
  • Integration with adjudication system
  • Linkage or import of plan data (GxCare™ recommended)
  • Linkage or import of eligibility data (optional)
  • Hosted option available

Claim Selection – Key Features

  • Selection summary
  • Claims by member
  • Claims by drug or category
  • Claims by client or group
  • Formulary coverage

Claim Analysis – Key Features

  • Paid/reject analysis
  • Reject frequency
  • Pricing analysis
  • Claims by defect tag
  • Threshold analysis
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