GxMaps™ finds and analyzes the impact of changes in a particular code repository enterprise wide, including documents in different programming languages that reside in a separate code environment.


end-to-end audit ready traceability


days upfront and accurate estimation


reduction in production errors

Globally Implemented at Fortune 20 Organizations

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    • Across technology boundary
    • Map updates linked to change management
    • Synonym dictionary for sys-related ontologies (requires Gx hands-on SMEs: 12+ years experience)
      Pattern match (for boundaries and changes)
    • Linked trees for traceability of call stack with version IDs
    • Doc parser for impact assessment
    • Integrated in automated release management (for Tier 6 Agile and DevOps)
    • Patent pending
    • Codebase for COBOL, C++, .NET, Java, DB2, Oracle DB, JS, BV, PowerBuilder, SAP
    • Documentation: process handbook (includes GxRayTM), training material, marketing collateral, engagement and deployment model
    • Reduces dependence on tribal knowledge; client FTEs
    • Elevates role of service provider staff to: scientists, decision makers, advisors and, very often, stewards of key business info, provider of best practices and factory environments
    • Reduces headcount, time, cost of delivery: troubleshooting, major changes, risky changes, re-platforming, M&A



GxMaps™  -   Automated end-to-end enterprise wide traceability and impact analysis.